Longlisted for the Relit Award

“…if my instincts are cor­rect, I think this book is a har­bin­ger of great things to come — and may mark Nicole Lun­dri­gan as a seri­ous con­tender for the next Great Cana­dian Novelist.”
Sarah Wein­man
Pro­pri­etor of Con­fes­sions of an Idio­syn­cratic Mind and con­trib­u­tor to the Wall Street Jour­nal, the Los Ange­les Times, Maclean’s, The National Post, and other print and online venues

On Christ­mas Eve, 1898, a young woman gives birth while caught out­side in a swirling bliz­zard. Thaw fol­lows the unset­tled life of this child, as she grows into a dis­qui­et­ing pres­ence in tran­quil Cup­board Cove. Hazel Boone lives life on its bor­der, mov­ing among famil­iar strangers, her body dri­ven by temp­ta­tion and an inner fire. Her self-indulgence cre­ates a shame that per­co­lates down through gen­er­a­tions, seiz­ing every­one in its path includ­ing her son, the painter David Boone, and his young appren­tice, Tilley Gover. Sev­enty years after her birth, dur­ing a win­ter of con­stric­tion, a tragedy repeats itself, and the res­i­dents of this small out­port re-discover that pas­sion can be as destruc­tive as it is redeeming.

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