The Widow Tree

“Lundrigan’s incan­ta­tion of a Balkan vil­lage rubbed raw by his­tory is sen­sual and pow­er­ful, a coming-of-age story set in a world that eats its young.”
Peter Behrens
author of The Law of Dreams

In the fall of 1953, three teenagers find a clutch of long-lost Roman coins while clear­ing veg­eta­bles from a gov­ern­ment field, and they argue over what to do with this new-found wealth. Nevena insists they should be turned over as they right­fully belong to the coun­try. János wants to keep them. And Dor­ján walks the line between the two. The deci­sion to con­ceal their dis­cov­ery turns dis­as­trous when János dis­ap­pears. Dor­ján and Nevena are left to ques­tion every­thing they believed to be true, while the mother of the miss­ing boy, a widow named Gitta, slowly unrav­els. Has János used the money to escape the home that sti­fles him? Or has some­thing much more sin­is­ter taken place?

The Widow Tree is a com­pelling, richly lay­ered story of fatal plans and silent betray­als in a tightly knit Yugoslav vil­lage, where the post­war air is simul­ta­ne­ously flush with hope and weighted with sus­pi­cion. Amidst an intri­cate web of cul­tural ten­sions, gov­ern­ment con­trol, fam­ily bonds, and past mis­takes, the truth behind many closely guarded secrets is revealed—with life-altering consequences.

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